Planner How to'

Lets go through some beginning instructions:

The basics include: Set up five notebooks in Evernote

  1. Daily Planner

  2. Daily Organize and Plan

  3. Daily Archive

  4. Daily Templates

  5. Daily Weekly Projects

We will start with the Daily Templates notebook. This acts as a repository for your blank templates with your dashboard links. All notes in this folder will have “[Template]” at the beginning of the name. Simply duplicate to the Daily Planner notebook and rename.

The Daily Planner notebook should have at least a couple of weeks of planners. (1 week = 1 note). My note title is typically… Proflex Planner XX/XX/2021 - XX/XX/2021

The Daily Organize and Plan notebook will hold all the notes from your dashboard links that are custom to you. Inside mine you would see:

  • Monday – Friday work rituals and set tasks (included with templates)

  • Project Planner for all my current projects (included with templates)

  • Someday Tasks similar to the GTD method (included with templates)

  • Sleep Tracker because you get what you measure (included with templates)

  • Current Goals for the current year (included with templates)

With the ability to make this work for me by color coding, copy paste, drag & drop, adding small pics to make it easy to find the weeks planner, you should be editing, syncing between devices, and even sharing with work associates in no time. I am finally able to focus on my important tasks.

(GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: After clicking save to Evernote and choosing your "Template" notebook, then choose

'Duplicate" and you will have a copy you can modify for your own planner. Then move to appropriate notebook.

You can duplicate and rename any note needed for your planning system.


(You will create 5 Notebooks) Begin the name of each notebook with "Daily" to keep notebooks organized.

  1. Daily Planner

  2. Daily Monday-Friday

  3. Daily Project Planner you might add an additional Daily project Planner Archived notebook to keep past weeks

  4. Daily Someday Tasks

  5. Daily 2021 Targets or Goals

See NEW Template Links:

After setting up your planner with all the customization you like; Get ready increase your productivity and enhance your workflow with Note Links. Your note links can be any color and will transform your planner into an awesome dashboard. Internal Evernote links can easily take you to your annual calendar, your project listing, your goals for the year, and even the daily tasks and rituals notes. Along with that, the links you set up can be to external sites you visit often such as: Weather Underground, Stock prices, NASA's image of the day, or your own Blog.