Best Questions for Daily Focus

Thought Provoking

Let's face it. When someone ask's you a question, you inherently think for a moment. If the question is more thought provoking you take a little more time to think about it. That is the goal here when asking yourself questions to sharpen your focus for the days, weeks, and years planning journey.

Taking the emotions out of the decision

Is there something I'm believing right now that might not be true?

Ask yourself some questions as you set out to plan your day and week. These are from a variety of thought leaders including Michael Hyatt, Gary Keller and more

What problem am I going to solve this week, that I'm responsible for?

What Do I want to Do this Week?

What is my Ideal Situation and what would That look like? What would have to happen for That to be true?

What's my Next Action? When would be a good time to do that? Do I have reminders set at the right time for that Next Action?

What's the "One Thing" I CAN do, such that by doing it will make everything else easier or unnecessary? From the "One Thing" by Gary Keller

Anti-Goals. What do I NOT want to happen? What could go Wrong?

If I say Yes to you, I say No to something else. Is Someone Demanding my Time?