What Matters Most Now With Weekly Review

Picture of a blank planner for Monday

Monday - Sunday

Monday - Sunday

The absolute best thing about your weekly planner is you can take a glimpse at your entire week with a couple scrolls.

No need to find a date to click on.

Find all the links useful that you build into your planner.

Color-code your priorities.

Time-Block the events and tasks without interruption.

Perform your Weekly Review like you've never done before using an online solution instead of a paper style planner. Share your screen with a collaborator for accountability with the Weekly Review.

Re-size and show past, present, and future planner weeks in front of you; that just saved 21 page turns back and forth.

Copy and paste, or drag and drop will revolutionize your weekly review.

WEEKLY REVIEW AND BIG WINS; I want to say right here how much things have changed when I adopted the Weekly Review and AAR (after action review). My weekly review is time blocked in my own planner. Usually Saturday morning for a full review, with a quick review of the to-do type activities the previous Thursday mid-day. This is a great time to see what I missed.

During my Weekly Review, I search #BIGWIN and see what I listed as a big win for the week. The unchecked items get re-evaluated for value, purpose, and priority. I ask myself (on the incomplete items) Did I not get granular enough with the next action? Is this why it was not completed?

Next I will ask these questions in past tense.

I will look at the new projects that were started, read over next actions and make sure there scheduled.

I will be aware while reviewing if any of my systems or processes need updating.

Even with completed task, if they involve anyone, I will make sure there no open loops with them. Looking at it from there point of view.

During each week I practice saying No to many distractions, but yes to the individual. Sometimes this means getting back in touch with them, and offering them an alternate solution, or sending them to someone that might fit the situation better.

Lastly, I review monthly and quarterly targets, also to include my roles.

Big Wins

What Qualifies for Big Wins

  • Something done where a disaster was diverted

  • Something done that made a large or lasting effect

  • Something that took great effort, usually a sort of deep work

  • Something that has been postponed before, and gives a sigh of relief that it's done