About Me

I am a self administered productivity enthusiast, learning from others trials and many of my own. Coming from an environment where switching gears fast while wearing multiple hats is commonplace. I have learned that a slow motion game of precision leads to more lasting results, then a game of survivability.

Growing up in a loving family where my dad would support creative thinking, has led me to be unafraid of speaking up when I believe my opinion would benefit another. He would emphasize that your heart needed to be in the right place to help others. In our family, myself and my wife, and our five children, this stands as a benchmark to daily life.

I work in the technical service industry where I find joy in making peoples lives easier through technology. I believe continuing education throughout ones journey, will keep them on the forefront of their industry.

Everyday is a journey where we learn from our mistakes, and use those to enhance our systems and processes.

An ounce of preparedness is worth a pound of peace!

Thank you for your feedback